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Signpost and Milestone Restoration Projects

fingerpost before restorationfingerpost after restorationFingerposts
Cast iron fingerposts and way markers still exist in almost all of England's counties and in recent years local interest groups such as parish councils and historical societies have been at the forefront of efforts to ensure that not only are these features retained but that they are restored to their former glory.

Many rural communities have undertaken projects to reduce signage clutter on their streets & roads and in all instances the only signs that are unanimously retained are these historic fingerposts.

Pictured Left:
St Mary Bourne, Hampshire - Aluminium Fingerpost before restoration.
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Pictured Right:
St Mary Bourne, Hampshire - Aluminium fingerpost after restoration.

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'Township' stone after restoration'Township' stone before restoration Milestones
Milestones are the original roadside heritage features with many dating back hundreds of years and again these historic items are under threat from highway developments.

The Milestone Society ( does a valiant job in documenting and preserving these important parts of our history and Signpost Restoration has worked with them on projects.

In 2007 a project involving twelve milestones was completed for the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority. In 2008 we have manufactured a replica of an 1826 cast iron milepost to replace one that had been stolen.

Pictured Left:
Yorkshire Dales Ingleton 'Township' Stone before restoration (click to enlarge).

Pictured Right:
Yorkshire Dales Ingleton 'Township' Stone after restoration (click to enlarge).

fingerpost restored for enfield councilSkills & Experience
Our mission is to see as many of these historic roadside features maintained and restored as is possible and as such we are prepared to tackle almost any project.

Many organisations call upon us for advice and assistance and likewise we often turn to experts for advice on production, materials, historical accuracy etc.

In addition to numerous parish councils we have worked with highways authorities, district councils, historical societies, civic societies, The Milestone Society, English Heritage, Friends of the Lake District and AONB's.

Pictured Left: Fingerpost at Southgate restored for Enfield Council (click to enlarge).